Thursday, December 07, 2006

For Giving you the Runs from Your Order, Taco Bell gets A "Cease and Desist" Order

TACO BELL - Is outsourcing to China in the works?

The state of New Jersey has asked Taco Bell "restaraunts" (quotes mine) to chuck their food as a further precaution to dealing with a massive E.Coli outbreak traced to Taco Bell's food supply. This is in addition to the upgraded cleaning regimane health officials have demanded in response to the public health hazard. If E.Coli wasn't so easily communicable to other people, this would create a whole new niche market for extreme sports dudes. But no, the state has to interfere with American's right to dangerous foods.
They already brow beat the 'Bell in NY State to abandon Trans fats a few years ago. Now the Steamroller heads downhill - yo, heads up! (And sorry for the long-ass link,
but the nice thing is, they don't ask for registration - yet)

Before I went to NYC, I made 4 disks of downloaded music - to add to the travel mix, and it made the time go by a bit faster. One of the genius works included now comes with video goodness (to reference, and below is the Link. Go back to ApolloZero's Musicquarium site and find some more fun. The NEW YORK GROOVE THEORY Audio Mashup features Nina Hagen, BiG AuDiO DynaMite, KISS, Duran Duran, Billy Idol and a legion of others (and I think Giorgio Moroder produced "Funkytown", but youse kin correct me if youse knows otherwise) - well, so does the video. If you have the bandwidth, you can have the fun.


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