Saturday, November 11, 2006

"It's not enough to live...

You have to have something to live for"

Edward James Olmos and the rest of the cast of BG have been keeping me from this page.
Yes, that's kind of ridiculous, but I finally watched the 4 hour pilot/miniseries from 2 years back. Plus the second viewing with commentary by the executive writer/producer team, who satisfy my interest in production choices, as well as the usual trial by fire for the actors, not one of whom sticks at anything in the script.
(Editorial revision Dec 3rd (EDREV): To "stick" at anything is archaic usage, but the negative implies a compliment, that the person in question perseveres and overcomes challenges. "He who hesitates, is lost" - is an expression concerning those who get stuck - not that there isn't a great deal of hesitation on BSG. But then, they _are_ lost. In the case of the actors and production crew, the final result bears few scars (heh) betraying the travails of getting the show to air with a weekly hour of _gesamtkunst_ or "total work of art", which TV is actually capable of, much as film and opera).

What can I say? The best show after 9/11, after reciprocal invasion of Afghanistan and a paranoid's wet dream war on Iraq, that somehow tackles the ethics of everything we are as a society, is a re-visioned telling of a campy sci fi show from the 70's.
But there's no camp left, perhaps the one concession to the "death of irony" that accompanied the dust clouds over Manhattan. The goal of human dignity in the face of disaster is the unspoken ethic that brings me back to the story. Serious, but with a grim smile.

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Blogger alienvoord said...

I just saw season 1. it's pretty sweet.

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