Thursday, November 02, 2006

Proposed Site For Non-Event

There are two things I wish for: One, that I can recover my little Ricoh TLR (pictured in Nostalgia Vision) - and the second, that this city gets a mayor and city council who don't get in each other's way as a matter of course. Okay, that's tied up with two other layers of government and gets very dry as subject matter goes.

News: We're not getting the world's fair in 2015 (Thanks for nothing)...and the petty Toronto Island airport is here to stay, useless as it is. I think the waterfront should belong to the city, given how little the administrative body that tells citizens to mind their own business (!?) about what they get up to. For such a small board, the TWRC are pretty well-paid, and I would prize a trusted auditor to open their books to assess how the federal funds are spent. Oh ye Gods this is tedious, but the waterfront Corp. is odious. I can appreciate the current mayor's frustration and applaud his persistence in battling the interference they pose to the lakeshore's actual rehabilitation.

Architects' drawings don't make for cleaner water or beaches.
Albania's capital has a mayor I think should be invited over here - he made Tirana more beautiful than it has ever been, fought corruption and imported ideas with the tiniest budget known to a European country. Here's a twin salute, To Mayor David Miller and Mayor Edi Rama (see If they survive the respective elections they're facing (and for Rama this is not a metaphor), they each receive a mandate to take charge of a bizarre set of challenges, most of which involve cutting strings and creating ties to sustainable growth and citizen ownership of issues.

Right, time tp nip off to the post office. My knee's better, so I might even hop a bit. I got off light with the virus, apparently. It's dwindled - Yay!



Blogger alienvoord said...

How is "survive the election" a metaphor?

12:58 PM  
Blogger D.W. said...

I have responded in the post following but in short: The metaphor only applies to Miller, for Rama it's horribly literal.
Babba Boom, Badda Bing.

9:45 AM  

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