Wednesday, November 01, 2006

El Galleria Dow Chemical presente:

I don't have much to say about this work. The space on Bedford was a hipster mall with computers strewn about the foyer, a dark, friendly cafe that didn't smell like fresh coffee (never a good sign, but maybe the liquor was better) and at the entrance, this (pictured) little installation. No credits, but then that goes for the mural behind the bench, which I knew my wife would find adorable (she did). The best art I saw on my trip wasn't isolated to museums, and it may not pass muster, but it added so much to the night.

Wandering proves to be a reliable method. During the day I took this^ shot of the L train intersection with Bedford, from which I found it an easy ride out to Carriage House Paper supply and studio @Guernsey (A shout out to Shannon, who makes the place work). Picked up (oof, heavy!) an order for the wife and walked back west with the TLR at the ready. Brooklyn is not really set up for tourists, which I appreciated a lot while walking. If I didn't love my 'hood so much, I might have felt envy - but I know Williamsburg has its challenges.
Those TLR shots will come later, along with what I hope will be great representations of the Empire State (You tourist, you) Building. At this point I'd like to mention: a courier bag doesn't look at all like a backpack, and makes putting the camera away very easy when you don't feel like waving it about; also I should say "Thank you" to Tino for the loan. Alles es gut mit der kamera, klar? Anyway, lots going on with that tree, ne? I think the mirror is to help you avoid being whacked by sidewalk riders when you come out with your pizza slice (Hey, you want I should hit'im with my BMX?)
Oh yeah, the mural/graffiti:

I suppose the benefit of living locally is, you stand a chance of knowing the creator of these pieces. Then again, maybe they're unbearable, or snogged your boyfriend and lied about it. The advantage of finding them in a gallery or museum? They're labelled, and you don't have to know the personal habits of the artist responsible for something you like. I probably think about this too much since I was on a trip full of (much) younger folk, very few of whom will stand a statistical chance in hell of making art that anyone likes enough to support them... (sigh)...

Movie to watch: Manufactured Landscapes, a doc on Photog Ed Burtynsky and the scarification of earth versus industrial culture. If you know his work, it's a new way to see it. If you go to Indigo, you can spend $100 to find out what his coffee table book is like. Or just get to a cinema that's showing it, right?
Or click this link:

Well, I'm home today to give the knee a chance to heal. Felt like a Zombie at the studio, but could't face eating the brains of my co-workers. Mmm, brains...I think some little NY virus wants to make a home in my sinuses, but the return of sleep has deflated any hopes of that. So sad.

I go now. More work to do.



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