Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What's in THIS room?

Oh my, where does the day go? No use sitting on laurels you don't even have.
The leaves would likely be as brown and drowned in the soggy and chilled climate
we have enjoyed these last few days. Somehow the lack of sunlight is offset
by baked root vegetables and a new season of dark ales and honeyed lagers.
Ah, Double Diamond, the right of return is mine.
I've been helping my better half with serigraphy (silk screening) for her hand-made paper project, and it's been kind of wearying, but so satisfying to find my art-schooling's not going to pot. I shan't say I'm a good instructor, but I think I'm not bad, either. I seem to know enough to be of help. Money well spent, if it helps the sweetness make some art she'll enjoy and develop further.
Oh, the timer's going.

A nice find of the wife's, the noisy device is a mini-toaster replica, complete with toast on the way out. Hell of a ringer on it.
The plus side is that the turnip and squash casserole's not burnt, but likely perfect. MMMmmm, folic acid and beta carotenic goodness.

Enjoy with a good beer, I say.

To pick up about screen printing:

The wife prints at Popfuel - you can find out more at


Popfuel.com (Right near the Dufferin Street Jog) is a great wee shop to work at. Use that as the URL, if you want to know more about screening your own imagery. I'll be signing up to do some work for the TLRclub (tlrclub.blogspot.com)

A few more shots from the Kitchener outing, for your edification.


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