Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Kitsch In Der Witch

Oh, boy. Or Girl.
KW was a hoot, pardon the old-school slang. We spent the best light out on the train lines of Industrial Kitchener, found it very soft access, likely because no one else bothers to do this kind of work. Well- except Ed Burtynsky, whom we all admire for various reasons (Go and see "Manufactured Landscapes", already! - music score by Dan Driscoll, which is very sweet news).
Well, having tried the freshest beer on the planet, I can recommend the Lion's Pub for that at the very least. Eggs Benny also a good deal fresher than one might hope for at $5 a serving. Finally got tired of Tim Horton's coffee (why do I even hope?) -
see the pic of Tino with the cameras (napkin box is standing in for his while it's being loaded) at our first Horton's stop.
There was a lot of walking about on a cold and clammy day (yes, the knee just loved that, but the cough medicine was working fine - DM in gel caps, oh yes).
At our ages we got escorted by police (who were very surprised we weren't vandals) from the last shoot location. That was a bit amusing, they were the reverse of worried, but wondered why we'd come from Toronto just to poke around building sites.

Because they're there, that's why. More pics soon, Shouts out to the TLRClub Blog (also with Eblogger!)


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Ohm which TLR should I pick? All of them.

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