Tuesday, October 31, 2006

That was a short year -Dark, Strong, Sweet

OKay, so I didn't even carve a pumpkin.
This, in spite of loving it every year.
I'm still pretty wiped from the New York Trip - I wouldn't give me anything sharp.
Unless it's shaped like a biscotti and espresso.

I _did- build and decorate a bike for NYC and Hallowe'en, there's even a costume - what's left of it, below. Away for another year, maybe another Critical Mass ride. How you say, wizzout the cops?
The bike is pictured right outside the Jewish Museum on 5th Ave. I'll relate my visit there another time. Suffice it to say I left a bit wobbly.

And another kind of wobbly is:

Well, I'm going to miss this fine beer. I wish the cases were easier to carry - I would have stocked up. Hope some of you will/have tried this. The brewery uses a patented "Pac Man" yeast - I have to confess, that's about the most satisfying thing I have ever heard about yeast.
Drink wisely, if not happily -

Monday, October 30, 2006

New York + Work = New Work?

Just back from New York, the city that never stops being talked about.

Or, if you like, the Toronto of the USA.
I can tell my dear wife's been busy while I was away, as none of the CDs are in their cases.
Yay, scratches! But you have to have music to work by.

I'll be posting a great many of the images created in NYC; this blog is for that & to mark the progress
made by a few of us as who, as we have returned full of chutzpah (and at such a price - wholesale!)
and the ambition to make a mark that will draw us to acts and art we identify with.

New York is a giant 9 volt - daring you to get close enough
that you draw a high-powered arc from the poles of excellence
and excrescence, mass and miniature. And yeah - I licked that
battery;I wasn't alone.
The Twin Towers might have been a giant two-prong for capitalism,
but now there's a big euro-style shallow socket in it's place. Well,
that's not the New York that needs you. New York inspired at least
three of us: L, J and myself, D. We may or may not divulge actual
names, depending on what we do. No promises.

We have met people, said things, and fell in love with NY life. If we
can commit to this new relationship (bleah, metaphor, but it's accurate,
OK?) with our work as artists, we'll kick our own asses into gear, blow
some minds in the process. That's worth the price of admission.

In my view, "Art" is such an easy word to use that it takes comparitively
huge amounts of labour to make anything worth looking at. This, the
images and words that will follow, are an act of love for where I live
and where I've been, good and bad.

Now let's see what that amounts to. Other than the mild sinus pain and twisted knee I'm enjoying.

Some starter images will be added soon. As I am new at this game
and use Safari, I will probably have to change my evil ways.
But I have used the word evil once (no, _twice_, heh-heh), so it
was worth it. Fight evil with evil, as my Uncle used to say.

The camera, unless otherwise stated is a tiny Fuji Finepix e510,
my first digital, after a long time working with silver-based film.
Great interface, needs something better than the CCD and needs
to get faster. It will be handed down to the wife and replaced with
(hopefully) something that meets my needs for the next few years.